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kissing is great

but wow when you get to kiss someone you have feelings for and you’ve wanted to kiss them for the longest time and you get to stroke their face and you’re so aware of their body and how nice their lips feel

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OMG lolol  I hope she isn’t a smart mouth little gir. I seriously hopes m y children do crazy things like this lol

This is my future daughter and on her 11th birthday I’m shipping her ass to my momma house because I won’t be able to do it Jesus. That eye roll went all the way around Jesus. Nope we would clash over nothing. 

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I’m evolving like a motherfucka. I really don’t respond to negative shit anymore. I feel emancipated. 😜

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christmas is so much worse as you get older it’s like “what do you want this year?” “a sense of purpose”

"a career" "financial security" "a sex life" "tuition for grad school" "alcohol" "a nap" "socks would be nice"

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